In Cahoots with Haren Vakil

Slide Room Gallery
2549 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC
Opening reception: 7:30 PM, Friday, November 6, 2015
Curator’s talk at 8:00 PM
Exhibition continues to November 30

I’m participating in the “In Cahoots (Synergy)” art show at the Slide Room Gallery in Victoria. Curated by Efren Quiroz of Exhibit-V, it features 50 artworks by 100 artists:

In Cahoots (Synergy) the show is conceived as an experiment of sorts in artistic collaboration. While some artistic endeavors often involve collaborative interactions, for example jazz musicians frequently collaborate in multiple groupings which thrive on the different interactions; visual arts for the most part is a solo act with the lone artist working away in the seclusion of the studio. This show is an opportunity for artists to work in a manner they may not be accustomed to and to experience something of the magical interplay of jazz musicians.

My partner in crime for this project is Haren Vakil. Haren and I decided to pair up for In Cahoots because of our shared enjoyment of surrealism, whimsy and the absurd. We knew we wanted to combine digital with natural media in some way, but we were not sure how we would go about it. Initially I created a 3D computer model of one of Haren’s drawings. But after weeks of work, the result was little more than a Pixar-ificaiton of an existing piece.

3D rendered adaptation of one of Haren's drawings

3D rendered adaptation of one of Haren’s drawings

The next stage was to try variations. Now that this “drawing” was viewable from any angle in three dimensions, we could build collages and remixes based on renderings from various angles.


Collages incorporating cut-up photocopies, digital prints and hand drawing — the genesis of future artworks


Tracing paper overlay on a digital print to experiment with hand-embellishments to 3D computer renderings

This would prove to be a logistical struggle, though not one that we will give up by any means: these early adventures will contribute to future artworks. But with a deadline looming, something completely different was required.

Inspired by the idea of transformations of existing works, I created a digital collage from scans of artworks by both of us. With a clear direction we were able to build something we were both happy with, and would fit within the timeline. We had the collage printed on canvas, and with a bit of mutual feedback Haren hand-painted more elements into it to complete the piece.

Haren hand-paints new elements into the digital collage

Haren hand-paints new elements into the digital collage

You’ll be able to see how the finished piece turned out at the Slide Room Gallery, 2549 Quadra St., Victoria, BC. from November 6 to 30.